StarVista Online OCR - For Scanned Letters and General Purpose OCR

To select your file to OCR, either click "Browse" to the right or "drag-and-drop" the file in the PDF preview window below.

PDF Preview

(You can also drag and drop pdf here)

The StarVista Online OCR tool is for converting scanned PDF files that have not been OCR'ed to make them Section 508 Compliant PDFs.

1. Click on the "Browse" button and locate/select the file on your PC or Laptop. (Alternatively you can drag-and-drop a file onto the "box" to the left of these instructions.)
2. Click on the "Start OCR!" button.
3. The OCR process will begin. It will take up to a minute and sometimes longer to complete depending on the size of the PDF.
4. When complete, a download link will appear. Click on the link to download your OCR'ed PDF.